• What technical action should be taken at the bank where the originating bank account that is used to transfer money to Currenge is held, before transacting with Currenge for the first time?

    Before transacting with Currenge for the first time, it should be set as a temporary or a permanent beneficiary in your Israeli bank account, in shekels or in foreign currency, depending on the expected transfer to Currenge.

    The operation of setting up Currenge as a beneficiary may possible be done by you, the account owner, independently, using the settings menu of the ‘Protocol’ beneficiaries on the Internet Bank website. You may choose to ask the bank’s website technical support staff, how to update such a setting. You may also choose to update the beneficiaries by a bank clerk at a bank branch.

    We recommend that you pay attention to the fact that when defining ‘Currenge Israel Ltd.’as a beneficiary in the account, you should accurately copy the details of Currenge’s bank account, to the beneficiary in shekels or foreign currency field, and that the transfer limit amount you set for it as a beneficiary will match your expected transactions amount.

    Currenge’s bank account details, appear in this website page , and also on the end Currenge’s transaction form.

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