• How should money be sent into Currenge bank account?

    Money should be sent to Currenge bank account in the same amount as filled in the transaction request, with your full name and ID number or firm ID number.

    Currenge uses the following bank account:

    Bank: Bank HaPoalim 12

    Branch: Kfar-Saba 627

    Account: 411977

    Currenge’s Bank Account IBAN Number is:
    Mentioning our company name: Currenge Israel Ltd.

    For money transfer from abroad, please use Bank HaPaolim SWIFT code, which is: POALILIT.
    Please make sure you also write the bank official name on the SWIFT system: BANK HAPOALIM B.M., and its address: 50 ROTHSCHILD BOULEVARD, Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL.


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