• How much money Currenge may instantly enable me of saving, and what fee it charges?

    Your main benefits, from having Currenge serve your transaction, are the following two:

    The first is you being served by a currency specialist firm. We offer you an accessible service, where our professional specialist is available for you, something often not offered at a bank branch.

    And, the second is byproduct service, as a courtesy, of the conversion, associated with your transaction, taking place on such a rate, which may instantly enable you of a saving reaching up-to 0.9% of your served money, prior to transaction, with Currenge, costs. Currenge does not charge additional fee for such conversion, whether it take place or not. Such advantageous conversion rates could be available for You through Currenge, as Currenge servers as an aggregator, enabling clients gain access to trading room rates, usually reserved for high volume clients.

    The amount Currenge charges you out of the served transaction amount is composed of two components. The first, is the Currenge net fee, which is an amount equal to 0.1% of transaction monies received at Currenge’s bank account, with a minimum of $20. And, the second is composed of any amount carried by Currenge, for specifically serving your transaction.

    Please note, You, and/or a third party involved in the transaction, may also bare some costs associated with the transaction, let it be a charge for sending Currenge money, and/or receiving money from it, without limitation possibly including a correspondent bank charge.

    Please note:
    The above Comparison, was done for July 1st, 2022, and is relevant for conversions of the equivalent of $20,000 and above, for a client without any beneficiary terms on its bank account, where the bank serving him/her offers conversions on a 1.8% Bid-Ask currency pair spread, and whom pays the bank a 0.2% conversion fee, where clients monies are within such a bank Currenge holds a bank account at, or they are part of an international money transfer, with Israel either the destination or the source of such monies transfer. Actual client saving might be lower, possibly relating to the terms such client has in its bank account. Currenge currently has bank account held at HaPoalim, Discount, First International bank of Israel, and Mizrachi-Tefahot banks.

    You are welcome to contact us, prior to your transaction, so you would better understand your possible savings.

    A Currenge potential saving calculator indicator, featured on the Currenge website, may present an initial estimation of potential saving when transacting via Currenge, compared to doing so on a local Israeli bank branch.

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