• How could a document or an image be saved as an A4 page size PDF file?

    You may save a document or image as an A4 paper size PDF file by sending the document or the image file for printing, using a virtual PDF printer.

    The order of actions to do so, is:

    1. Send the document or image for printing, for example by pressing the Ctrl + P keyboard buttons together
    2. Choose a printer, as the one named Microsoft Print to PDF
    3. At the bottom of the print menu, select Page Setup
    4. Under the Paper Label, scroll down and select the Paper size to be A4
    5. Choose a name for the new file to be created
    6. Recommended: Open the file and inspect it so that you can make sure that the new file seems to be a valid file

    An image file, may be transposed into an A4 paper size file, by placing it within an MS Word A4 document, following these actions:

    1. Open a new MS Word A4 document
    2. Click the Insert upper menu tab
    3. Click: Picture
    4. Click: This Device
    5. Select an image to be inserted into the A4 Word document, and it would be placed within the A4 page
    6. Save the MS Word Document as a PDF file, or print it into a PDF file as just described above

    Please note: You may also upload image files which are smaller than paper size A4, directly at the Currenge forms, without transposing them into a PDF file.

    If facing any difficulty in the above process, please feel free to contact us.

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