• About Currenge

    Currenge App is a money transfer and convert, at a tiny spread, service operating from Israel. Currenge, portmanteau for currency and exchange, is unique for it aspiring to eliminate currencies spread.

    The name Currenge is a portmanteau of the words Currency and Exchange, which stood as the basis for Currenge founder’s vision.

    Currenge Israel Ltd. is regulated and authorizes by the Israeli Capital Market Authority (Registration No. for the years 2020-2021: No. 57538).

    Transferring and Converting your funds, we put an emphasis on transparency, speed, and security. We choose to be served by leading banks, such as Bank Hapoalim, so you can be rest assured your funds are in good hands.

    Currenge Israel Ltd. is incorporated in Israel with its registered address at: 122 Moriah Blvd., c/o Israel Post, PO Box 7164, Haifa, 3107101, ISRAEL


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