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The Problem

Sending money abroad seems to be expensive. The truth is that that transferring money embeds in it a secondary element of money conversion which is ridiculously expensive. Some banks may tell you that their traditional currency transferring and converting are zero-commission, or that you transfer and convert at a wonderful exchange rate. It’s simply not accurate. They add a markup to the exchange rate – which means you could be paying 1 to 2% more than you should. Banks see your money as a delicious cookie – they just can’t resist taking a bite, or two. It could be the fee, or the commission, and if it’s not those – the hidden charge is in the exchange rate.


Our Vision

Currenge is different. We are on a mission to make money transfer and conversion fair. By using the exchange rate prevailing in trading rooms – you get access to the same currency rates – as the biggest companies get. You pay an extremely low fee, which is clearly specified upfront. Moreover, Currenge founder’s personal vision is to create a currency transfer and conversion eliminating spread market-place app for banking platforms as well as end-users.



Our service is smarter than the old-world banking system, and completely transparent. Now you can make things you want to happen – happen. Currenge has a bank account in Israel – so you can send and receive money easily. For example, if you want to transfer and convert Shekels to Dollars, simply fill a transaction form and pay in your Shekels to Currenge’s account. Then, Currenge’s transfers and converts the Shekels and sends Dollars to the recipient. We have shaken up the old system and are changing how money is transferred and converted. Just as WhatsApp brought down the cost of texting, and Uber lets us commute for less. It’s easy, fast, with high level security. And we have some nice people for you to talk to in case you have any questions. For us currency transfer and exchange is as much about people as numbers. So, there you have it – no tricks, no hidden charges. Just money transferred and converted as it should be.

Ehud Ziegelman Currenge CEO


Ehud Ziegelman, CEO

Ehud Ziegelman is the founder and CEO of Currenge, as well as Chairman of its Board of Directors. An entrepreneur from an early age, Ziegelman founded Currenge with its groundbreaking transfer and convert service. This company began from a personal pain and now expands to create a new economy for thousands of people around the world. Ziegelman is involved in crafting the company culture, shaping the design aesthetics, and innovating future growth opportunities. He has more than a decade of business consulting experience in which he has helped investors perform due-diligence of target companies, and helped CEOs learn about their markets via market research. Prior to that, his lifelong attraction to numbers and solving complicated calculations brought Ehud to work as a CPA at Deloitte USA in the Financial Service Industry, at EY Israel Business Risk Services and in the Israeli Treasury Department, where he was chosen to be sponsored for an MA at the Tel-Aviv Berglas School of Economics. Ziegelman was a teaching assistant at the Tel-Aviv University Coller School of Management for about a decade.

And most important, Ehud is happily married, and a proud father of two gorgeous kids. The Ziegelman family lives in Haifa, Israel.


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