• What are fees Currenge may charge, and how much money may it save for me?

    Currenge charges a fee of 0.1% of money it received for it to transfer and possibly also convert, with a minimum fee of $25, plus a cost for covering bank fee/s and/or commission/s for sending out the converted amount to a beneficiary. This fee is charged out of the received by Currenge amount, and is charged in the original currency. Currenge provides you converted currency on the rate it obtains for you from counter-party/ies while facilitating your conversion; be it a bank head office trading room.

    Money received by Currenge may be subject to fees and/or commissions by a correspondent bank serving the incoming transaction, and Bank HaPoalim serving Currenge, that may charge such an incoming money transfer, a transfer fee, that may be up to 0.2% if coming from external banks, or about $6 if coming from a third-party bank account within Bank HaPoalim.

    The cost the Currenge currently charges for covering bank fee/s and/or commission/s for sending out converted money is dependent of the money’s destination and currency itself, and according to the payment nature is the following:

    • Sending out Shekels in Israel: Zero fee
    • Sending out foreign currencies to an account within Bank HaPoalim: $5
    • Sending out foreign currencies to any Israeli bank that is not Bank Hapoalim or to a bank in Western Europe or in the USA: 0.2% of the amount transferred with the minimum fee of $25

    Please contact us to check the cost of sending money to any other destination.

    Currenge does not charge for money being sent in to its bank account, even if it’s sent from abroad. However, the sending bank may have its own sending fees and Currenge has no control over their fees. Please check with your bank, what would be the fee for sending funds to Currenge’s Israeli Bank HaPoalim account.

    If you intend to-be the receiving party of a money transfer that is about to be received in a foreign currency payment from abroad, it may be better to route it directly to Currenge’s Bank HaPoalim account.


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